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Gift wrapping for a modern world™

Cloaked Box was created to solve the hassle of gift wrapping. We wanted to make something that was authentic, functional, fun, and easy to use! Our solution is the only all-in-one rippable pre-wrapped gift box on the market — allowing you to wrap a great looking gift easily & quickly!

Unlike other pre-wrapped boxes, your family & friends can still enjoy ripping into the box to see what you got them! Convenience & simplicity for you, quality & fun for them, and a great experience for all.

We also wanted to create something that seamlessly fits our fast-paced modern world. Our unique design and flat packaging allows for easy display in stores, easy economical shipping for ecommerce, and customized designs/sizes for brands. So, whether you’re shopping online or in stores, you can simply add a Cloaked Box to your purchase.

With quality prints, boxes, accessories and ever-changing design options, Cloaked Box makes your gifting experience for any occasion a breeze!

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